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Tommy Harwood takes us ‘Walking In The Dark’

I always try to find the positives in reviews and give constructive pointers where there are areas for improvement, and I guess with that in mind there’s some nice fingerpicked guitar here coupled with Tommy Harwood’s obvious enthusiasm for what he’s doing. Maybe it’s that enthusiasm that’s at fault here, because ‘Walking In The Dark’ feels and sounds like the passion to get the song finished and recorded took away from the necessity to polish the lyrics and work on the performance. Sadly, the guitar’s lacking in any midrange warmth and so bright as to be brittle and shrill, the vocals are too up-front in the mix and have some – to put it delicately – tuning and pitching issues, and the cajon sadly wanders in and out of time seemingly of its own volition. All of these things could be corrected by some vocal coaching and some time with a seasoned producer to take charge of the engineering and mixing, and to guide the performance in the right direction. Tommy’s a poet as well as a songwriter, and there’s no question that, at the root of all this, he can write verse; he needs to focus a little more […]

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FULL ALBUM MP3 punk rock

Lagu full album punk rock tanpa vocal sangat enak untuk menambah semangat kegiatan sehari-hari. Sumber lagu : youtube music library Semoga bermanfaat …

Checking In With Jake Wooten

We caught up with Jake Wooten to get the full story and hear what his plans are for the coming year.

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This group is now on

This group is now on the Web at www.TacomaPunk.com. Register, login, go to your accounts pagee and start publishing great posts.

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MPRV News is about bringing

MPRV News is about bringing old bands to new people & new bands to the old people, keeping punk REAL!

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