Bloody Chains – Last Will (Full Album, 2021) ► ► ► Buy Digital Album: ► ► ► Pre-order Physhical Album (CD Digipack): ©️ ALL RIGHTS GO TO BLOODY CHAINS Bloody Chains is a Death/Thrash Metal band from Athens, Greece. ► TRACKLIST 1. First Blood 00:00 2. Into the […]

Art Quotes that inspire me I wanted to write this blog because I wanted to share with you some of the motivational and inspiring quotes about Art, Artists, and the world of Art, that I come across daily and that I really enjoy reading. I love to ponder on what […]

EP 503 – Time For Two Back in 1992 Slammin’ Gladys released their debut album almost 30 years later they’ve gotten around to releasing their sophomore effort “Two”. This week vocalist/ guitarist Dave Brooks comes aboard to talk about days gone by and what’s in store for the band in […]