IT WILL NEVER SATISFY YOU. Finally a long time after my life experiences (the last decade+) I’ve realized this: With any design objects, tools, things, phones, laptops, cameras, clothes, homes, etc … it will never fully satisfy you. There are objects, things, tools, equipment and lifestyle which are superior than […]

PHOTO WALLET IS HERE. We are proud to announce that PHOTO WALLET is here, and available to order (right now) in the HAPTIC SHOP. If you desire one wallet for your everyday life and photographic adventures, PHOTO WALLET is for you.  Why PHOTO WALLET? Why did we make PHOTO WALLET? […]

What New Photo Adventures Await You? FREE MOTIVATION ON ERIC KIM NEWSLETTER > Thought: As spring is in full bloom, ask yourself — “What new photo adventures await me?” Adventure awaits! To adventure — to head towards venturing towards new, unknown and to ‘arrive’ at new places (adventum in Latin […]

PROTECT YOUR MINDSPACE. Refuse to do anything, or participate in any type of activities which rob you of your peace, tranquility, flow of thoughts, and mental zen: Everyone is trying to rob you of your mindspace and attention Your attention and mindspace is lucrative business. All of the modern technological […]

Conserve Your Strength Towards What Ends? When to expend your strength, when to conserve your strength? You do not have unlimited strength (unfortunately) Much to my disappointment the truth is that we do *NOT* have unlimited strength. We as biological creatures have a limited shelf-life (metabolism leads to our eventual […]