SeeYouSpaceCowboy “Late December” Official Music Video Vinyl/CD/Merch: iTunes: Spotify: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: “Last December” lyrics I still remember that night. Sitting in silence hoping, but I already knew you were gone. Confirmation stabbed in me cracking out until all parts of me collapsed and […]

2019 Thrash Metal Punk Hardcore Compilation 2019 Thrash Metal Punk Hardcore Compilation Tracklist: Magnitude – Opposition *have been removed by YouTube 0:00 Asidhara – Blistered Earth 2:58 Bizarre – Dealing with the Streets 6:52 Dead Heat – Last Rites 9:08 Point of Contact – World Is […]

A.F.K – Ruled by the Insane [2019 Hardcore Punk] A.F.K – hardcore punk band from Hamburg, Germany Tracklist: 1.Das Programm 2.Sick To Death 3.The Trap 4.Ruled By The Insane 5.NODAPL 6.The New Swayer 7.Im Namen Der Forschung 8.Tourist Attack Tweets by grindwarchannel Note: If you are […]

Scheme – Scheme [2020 D-beat Hardcore Punk] Scheme – D-beat Hardcore Punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Out now on Slow Death Records Tracklist: 1.Anti-Social 2.Survival 3.No World Order 4.Reality 5.Shift Of Power 6.Humanity 7.Tyrannical Aims 8.Glory 9.Autocratic Future 10.Arduous March Tweets by grindwarchannel […]

Straight Edge Rules ‼️ I do not own any of the music used in this video! All rights go to the Enigma Tng‼️ Song: There’s only a few rules going over what Straight Edge really is. I’m here to tell you about more of them. And all this will […]