MPRV News is about bringing MPRV News is about bringing old bands to new people & new bands to the old people, keeping punk REAL! 👇SUBSCRIBE👇 Published at Tue, 16 Mar 2021 19:41:05 GMT is now a Music is now a Music Critic Website where YOU can create your own articles, reviews, promos, flyers etc, and post them directly to the website adding Images, Audio, Video, Banners and Tags and then share the posts you create to Social Media.. Please Register, login […]

Part 10 of ORIGINS OF Part 10 of ORIGINS OF MPRV NEWS covering MPRV founder Andy’s journey through punk with this episode featuring the origin of the MPRV logo viva Los Angeles! SUBSCRIBE to MPRV News & like our Facebook page & discover all things punk! Published at Sun, 21 […]