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ANTiSEEN Live 9/13/86 North Carolina: Marlon Cherry Joe Young

Recently discovered footage! ANTiSEEN at the W.O.W. Hut in Albermarle, NC on Saturday September 13th, 1986.

BAND: Jeff Clayton: Vocals, Joe Young: Guitar, Marlon Cherry: Bass, Doug Throgmorton: Drums

Special Guest Guitarists: Jeff BBQ Young & Glenn Hinceman

Also performing that night was my band RABID $ALESMEN and Misguided Youth from Charlotte. (See the Rabid $alesmen footage here:

Included in this raw and grainy footage are most of 7 songs:

1. Nothing’s Cool
2. Absent Minded
3. Meat Market
4. Rumors
5. Cop Out
6. Tortured Soul
7. Mill Workin’ Man

The only flyer I could find of this show was one RABID $ALESMEN created…which had us listed at the top of the flyer, of course…haha…even though we weren’t headlining.



More info on the band at

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GG Allin’s Last Interview June ’93

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GG Alice

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