Conserve Your Strength Towards What Ends?

Conserve Your Strength Towards What Ends?

When to expend your strength, when to conserve your strength?

You do not have unlimited strength (unfortunately)

Much to my disappointment the truth is that we do *NOT* have unlimited strength. We as biological creatures have a limited shelf-life (metabolism leads to our eventual and necessary death) and even in a single 24-hour day, every activity we engage in expends some of our strength.

We can artificially augment our strength during the day via naps, walks outside, cold showers, coffee (caffeine), and other stimulants but for the most part, no man can effectively exert him/herself for 24 hours straight, without need for rest or recovery.

conserve strengthWhat do you want to use your strength for?

For me, the ultimate end and aim is creative. To write, think, create, make, photograph, video, vlog, audio, whatever. Thus I desire to conserve my strength, to conserve and protect my mindspace and focus/attention in order to maximize my creative ideation (coming up with ideas) and then eventual creative creations.

Know yourself

Perhaps the reason I need to be so hyper-vigilant about protecting my mindspace and not getting distracted is that I am very very easily distracted and sensitive to sounds, visual stimuli, advertisements, marketing, and everything in-between.

Protect and conserve it all.

Now that I have a son, my already valuable time and limited time has become even more valuable and limited. Thus as I get older, I am becoming far more picky in terms of how to share my attention, *WHOM* to share my attention with and what I do with my time and life. Thus as a simple takeaway, my suggestion:

Once you have discovered what your higher purpose in life is, conserve all your strength and might towards that end!



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