From my main mang MAX PUNK….

From my main mang MAX PUNK….

From my main mang MAX PUNK….

Published at Tue, 13 Apr 2021 22:43:52 GMT

Break On Through #50: Spinal Tap moments in ANTiSEEN

People who aren’t in bands frequently ask: “how true is Spinal Tap”? Well, we here in the profession are happy (sic) to tell you that Spinal Tap is all too true.

Behold as Jeff Clayton fondly reminisces about a couple of such moments in ANTiSEEN history. They, of course, involve explosives.

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Published at Tue, 13 Apr 2021 23:14:04 GMT

Antiseen ‎– Eat More Possum (Album, 1993)

Antiseen are a Charlotte, NC based punk rock band founded 1983 by Jeff Clayton and Joe Young. Enjoy 666 !!!!


01. Today Your Love 0:00
02. Storm Trooper 1:21
03. I’ve Aged 20 Years In 5 3:09
04. Cactus Jack 5:01
05. Animals … Eat ‘Em 6:14
06. Glad I Am The Way I Am 9:21
07. Destroy Them All 11:48
08. Shittin’ In High Cotton 14:55
09. Star Whore 19:04
10. Break It Off 20:40
11. Trapped In Dixie 23:14
12. Fuck All Y’all 25:32

© TPOS Records / Antiseen (1993)

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