Refuse to do anything, or participate in any type of activities which rob you of your peace, tranquility, flow of thoughts, and mental zen:

Everyone is trying to rob you of your mindspace and attention

Your attention and mindspace is lucrative business. All of the modern technological marvels are somehow designed (either implicitly, or explicitly) to rob you of your focus and mind space (what to think about, when to think about things, and how to respond to things).

For example, Google is designed to place advertisements in front of you. In some ways, Google is designed for you to *NOT* think independently … but for you to just ‘Google’ any question on your mind. In fact I find the biggest detriment to independent thinking is:

Before ruminating on a certain idea or thought, we immediately ‘Google’ it, before wondering or wandering about the thought!

Social media as ‘malware’ for the mind

My friend Soren says — social media is ‘adware’ for the mind, which means:

Social media is about programming you to feel FOMO (fear of missing out) and as a consequence, you get more and more addicted to their platform, and you’re more and more likely to view advertisements or click on them.

And how is this designed? Simple — through bright red notification buttons, and even in Facebook Messenger having the ‘frequent contacts’ or ‘who is online right now’ is programmed to “nudge” you into communicating with people you might not have wanted to. Even worse, it makes you think about people who you didn’t necessarily want to think about (the NewsFeed as the ultimate distraction machine).

Why protect your mind space?

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I am of the belief that you were destined for great things. Thus when you allow others and even worse… technology and advertisers to rob you of your attention, you are actually debasing yourself. You are saying:

My attention, focus and mind and life is not worth much. I just want to stay stimulated and to remain joyfully entertained.

Extreme measures for extreme results ERIC KIM selfie black and white

If you desire to use this short life to do epic things, make a note of this:

Protect your mind and mind space above all!



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