So tell us about your

So tell us about your

So tell us about your music, What bands were you in growing up, and who are you playing with now?

I’ll Start, I was in the 1st Thrash band and one of the 1st Punk bands out of Juneau Alaska, Carcus and Induce Vomit. I brought Induce Vomit to Seattle in ’91 and we Played around Tacoma and Seattle a few times. In 2018 I joined a Hardcore band in Tacoma, Stop Don’t Stop, and we played the Dive Bar circuit, but my Main act is Homeless Hendrix. I am a street Musician taking my songs to the next level. I play Lead Guitar, Sing, Write my own songs and am in College studying Jazz upright and fretless bass.. How about you?


Published at Sun, 09 May 2021 17:49:33 GMT

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