What New Photo Adventures Await You?

What New Photo Adventures Await You?



As spring is in full bloom, ask yourself — “What new photo adventures await me?”

Adventure awaits!

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To adventure — to head towards venturing towards new, unknown and to ‘arrive’ at new places (adventum in Latin means to ‘arrive’ or ‘to come’ (ad[toward]+venio[come]).

This means to adventure in street photography is to go to new places– places you have YET been, in order to test your photographic skills and vision.

Predictability is bad.

This is why many of us love to travel — when we travel, the world and life is less predictable. In some ways, it is more natural to live an unpredictable life (for example, how ancient nomads used to live).

How to adventure more in your photographic life

If you live in a big city, and you always frequent the same places, technically you aren’t “adventuring”. To adventure implies the new, novel and unknown.

And it also means you don’t need to live in an uber-interesting city. To explore new neighborhoods in your town/city seems to be the goal. The unfamiliar is better.

Switching up your aesthetics

If you cannot travel and do new things, then perhaps it is a good idea to switch up your aesthetics in photography. If you typically love monochrome, try color. If you typically shoot with a wide angle lens, try something more telephoto and standard.

The basic concept is this:

If your everyday lived reality is static, then try to make something else dynamic and different.

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