Alcatraz Festival 2020: the lockdown version (rockumentary)

Alcatraz Festival 2020: the lockdown version (rockumentary)

Full-length rockumentary about Alcatraz Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Festival.
Alcatraz festival 2020 was canceled due to the corona pandemic, so we bring the festival to your screen!
Featuring old and new interviews with Chuck Billy of Testament, Nergal of Behemoth, Mina Caputo of Life of Agony, Doro, Dee Snider and many more, live music performance, and unforgettable highlights such as the final European show of Twisted Sister and the proposal of Ira Black after the Korn headline show in 2017. We also shine a light on the Belgian metal scene and bring hommage to the mighty Phil B of Channel Zero.

Horns up, and enjoy the ride!

Get your tickets for 2021 here :
Youtube videos featured in the rockumentary:

Channel Zero – Black Fuel

Fleddy melculy – Stop!

Fleddy Melculy – Melculië

My Diligence – Resentful

My Diligence – an asteroidal arrow

Channel Zero – Exit Humanity

Dance Macabre cover – Off The Cross and Friends

Killer – Always and forever

Channel Zero – Angel

Skyfall – Vandenberg

Venom – in league with satan + nergal Youtube

Phil Baheux @ Adams Drummers Festival

@rayluzierkorn DRUMCAM

Picture Ira Black – Niels Vinck

Published at Mon, 10 Aug 2020 16:25:13 GMT

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